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Monday, August 29, 2005

Detroit Free Press Coverage

A protest without hoopla: Detroit group supports Calif. mom
August 29, 2005

Antiwar protesters have staked out a downtown Detroit street corner as an outpost of Camp Casey, the Crawford, Texas, protest site that ballooned from a grieving mother's demand for answers about her soldier son's death in Iraq into a springboard for a growing antiwar movement....


A good article overall, I thought. There is the usual security blanket playing up of opposing viewpoints without giving any idea of scale or measure; I think it would have been more informative if she had noted how many passersby honked horns or stopped and signed our petition in solidarity, how many denounced, and how many were curious or undecided rather than the usual vague "not everyone agrees."

Her mention of the statue of William Maybury as the "centerpiece" and comment that he had no relation to our antiwar cause was also a bit odd. Did she ask anyone there about this, and why we were there in particular? Personally I think it is rather apropos to use a monument of a man, described even by the Detroit News as an religious elitist, as our stage, bench and bedframe. In fact, over one hundred years ago he called for tax cuts for the rich, a sentiment echoed by Engler in an address and held by those who took us to war. How wonderfully fitting that his expensive monument, built by his rich fellows should now hold the banners of those who would have opposed him then and oppose his contemporaries now, stating "Money for Detroit, Not for War!"

Mind you, I didn't know any of that when I was actually there the other day, so I have Ms. Shine's article and my conversation with Detroiter Mr. Cole to thank for prompting my

To return to the article, I think Ms. Shine presented the people there at the camp very well and in context. If you also found this article informative and helpful, please give her a call or send an email to let her know this and that you look forward to her or other follow-ups to this article in the near future. (Contact KIM NORTH SHINE at 313-223-4557 or .)
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