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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Military Families In Favor of Imperial War?

Just recently the President made the comment that he did not agree with a mother (who lost her son in the Iraq war) and her views. He then pointed towards the fact that other military families don't mind sacrificing their sons and daughters to a war for profit under the disguise of democracy. It leaves one to wonder if these families support imperialism or are they politically naive to the fact that the war policy is premised upon extracting, owning and profiting on the spoils of the war. Which are they? Naive or Neo-cons?

So be it, if these families don't mind that their sons and daughters are being murdered and sacrificed to the War God of Imperialism, while the ruling class powers behind these wars sit in their ivory towers, eating popcorn and watching the blood spill as long as its not their blood or their children.

These counter-protest groups against Cindy Sheehan were organized by the Bush right wing neo fascist communities who call themselves (The Move America Forward Movement) and the (You Don't Speak for Me Cindy Sheehan Camp).

But people who actually use their mind to promote sound reasoning and judgment would have to ask the question, What do they mean by "move America forward?" What are they trying to move America forward to achieve when using this catch phrase? Are they moving America forward to another terrorist attack? Are they moving America forward to fascism? Is America actually moving forward because of the war? Or is it moving progressively backwards into times of aggression, repression, subjugation, fascism and militarism, that was experienced in Germany? Are they moving forward in the hatred and genocide of the people in the Middle East? So, what do they mean, when they say that they are "The Move America Forward Movement" in a caravan to counter attack a woman who has both a right to dissent and a valid question to be answered by the President.

No doubt, the president found himself in a "catch 22" by Cindy Sheehan's convictions, so he quickly consulted with Carl Rove (his brain) to find out how he could counter this very powerful question posed to him by a legitimate source. And so, without empathy and compassion he searched out either blinded or Neocon military families to build an opposition and attack against a grieving mother who has a right to be angry about this illegal, immoral, war that is using children from all races and mostly deprived backgrounds to die the most horrible deaths unnecessarily.

The president is not interested in democracy for the people in Iraq, because democracy means {a form of government that vests its power in the people) like Venezuela or Cuba. This is not the case in Iraq and this is not the case in America. Power is being vesting in the ruling class not the workers and not the average citizens.

The war policy interest is monetary not geared toward social justice or democracy. Therefore, the Iraqi oil market is the key reason why the president is staying and protesting grieving mothers.
And the rise in oil prices are directly connected to our success or failure in Iraq.

Therefore, Camp Casey Detroit is a symbol of freedom and justice for Cindy Sheehan and democracy for the community. The president's answer to Cindy Sheehan is the usual counter maneuver and character attack notorious of the Bush administration when they find themselves in a "Catch 22".

Andrea Hackett


At 12:57 PM, Anonymous Charles Brown said...

Andrea's comment is very true and cogent. The idea that committing genocidal and fascist war against the people of Iraq "moves America foreward" is despicable. These Americans for war on Iraq are carrying on the barbaric and racist tradition of their ancestors who stole this land from the indigenous inhabitants in centuries past.


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