Camp Casey Detroit

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Photos from Day 9

Photo #1 shows Willie, Jessica, Louisa, Abayomi and Kevin sharing a late lunch.

Photo #2 was taken as the afternoon drizzle began. Nothing heavy, but enough that umbrellas were appreciated.

Photo #3 is of our ice cream angels, Stephanie and Joslyn, who brought us six cups of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Love to support peace activists like Ben!

Photo #4 shows Charles Brown, our resident "googler", reading aloud what he'd found online about the two mayors whose statues face one another across Woodward Avenue at Grand Circus Park. Although we're camped under John Maybury, it is clear that Hazen S. Pingree was much more our kind of fellow. Beside Charles is Pete, a Vietnam vet who will be joining us on the bus to the huge Sept. 24 anti-war rally in Washington, DC.

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