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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Problem With This War

The problem with this war is that there is no accountability for the war crimes being perpetrated upon the people in Iraq.

During the days of the civil rights struggle, the black panther party, and other revolutionary parties, they were labeled and attacked in the same way, but they were fighting for their rights under the U.S. Constitution.

In Iraq people are fighting for their country to prevent it from becoming a nation under the control of the European and American rule of imperialism. Yet, they are killing Iraqis everyday and reporting that they are insurgents as if this validates these criminal acts.

Suppose, the Arab government decided that it should extract George Bush from the Whitehouse because he is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and serious abuse of official power and abuse, which is an impeachable offense.

Suppose they were technologically more superior than we were and they invaded this country to formulate a new constitution and a new election for us? Do you think we would just sit back and relax, or would we fight to save our country from invasion?

Suppose they labeled our resistance as insurgency and began bombing anyone and anywhere they felt people were organizing to defend the country. What if 100,000 or more of our people were killed as they bombed (in a shock and awe) the white house, the pentagon, wall street, and George Bush's ranch to either kill or capture the President?

What if Iraqi troops were patrolling the streets everyday with weapons on their hips and armored weaponed vehicles, imposing curfews on everyone in the country while they search every house for suspected insurgents, rounding all the men up and throwing them in our prisons because they were suspected as being either terrorists or insurgents.

This administration has yet to define what an insurgent is and to impose a death sentence, a bombing attack or imprisonment on the civilian population is a crime against humanity, which invalidates the notion that we are in Iraq to establish peace or democracy.

This is why we have established Camp Casey Detroit in protest and in solidarity for peace, justice and democracy, not war, oppression and greed.

Andrea Hackett


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