Camp Casey Detroit

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Camp Casey Detroit--Day 12

I know I said I wasn't going to post here this weekend because of the Jazz Fest, but that was before I'd heard about the Rally/Speak Out in solidarity with the suffering poor in New Orleans that our sisters and brothers in the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization were planning to hold at Camp Casey Detroit yesterday (Friday) afternoon. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

Photo #2 says it all. When you're already marginalized by your government, you connect the dots quicker than those for whom the system works.

Photo #3 (by Jim West) shows how the poor in Detroit understand all too well why there are still folks in New Orleans who haven't been rescued, and why they're being ordered to shoot "looters" who are simply trying to get food and water for their families.

Photo #4 (by Jim West) shows that even the children get it. Of course, it's THEIR planet that's being trashed. But, according to the President, global warming is still an unproven theory, and protecting wetlands and repairing levees is less important than paying back your political donors and proving yourself to your Daddy by re-waging the war you think he didn't finish.

Photo #4 shows just one more reason why Detroit is a place where lies don't fool anyone. It's community leaders like Maureen Taylor who sees it like it is, says it like she sees it, and acts on her convictions. NOBODY fools this woman!

But it's TOGETHER that we'll make the changes we know need to be made. That's why we're encouraging folks to come down to Camp Casey Detroit any time day or night and let's sit down and strategize. Also join Marion, Maureen and the others at an action planning meeting on Labor Day Monday at 5:30 PM at Hannan House, 4750 Woodward Avenue, near Wayne State University. And don't forget to come down to Camp Casey Detroit at 10 AM sharp on Monday to hold signs and banners as the Labor Day parade marches past. Let our voices be HEARD!



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