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Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Community Outpost

Camp Casey Detroit is a beacon of light on the corner of Woodward and Grand Circus Park that lights the way for those who have a need to connect with peace, democracy and justice. Since 911, the direction of this nation led immediately towards war and aggression. Two political views emerged since that time and the country has been split between pro war and no war ever since.

At Camp Casey Detroit, there have been many very interesting political conversations that seem to be the dialogue that has been eliminated from the mainstream media purposely, no doubt. This dialogue is no doubt important to the community who constantly come to talk with us about the state of affairs within the country and abroad.

On one hand, the majority of people who stop by to sign petitions and pick up literature, have been very supportive, bringing food and water when needed. Camp Casey has never run out of food and water because this portion of community friends sustain the needs of those who keep the vigil at the camp 24 hours a day. They have given their time and many donations even when they could not stop to chat. Bus drivers, taxis, cars and trucks have honked in solidarity and police officers have respected the right to peacefully assemble. There has been an outpouring of love and respect felt from the community since the camp was established. Having been part of the vigil at Camp Casey, I can tell you that it does not matter concerning one's status or class. All take the opportunity to demonstrate what they think America should represent when they lend support in solidarity.

On the other hand, we have experienced some anger and hostility by those of the community who see us as quoted by the president as "making this country weak". No doubt, his comments have increased hostilities towards our cause. They seem to feel that we are not entitled to dissent on issues surrounding the war in Iraq which is, in fact, our inalienable right under the U.S. Constitution.

Many have walked up to the table in a courteous manner only to engage us in a hot debate to which they walk off with anger and dissent shaking their heads. One man walked by and said," You should be ashamed of yourselves." but, he did not stick around to explain himself as most of them either walk by with negative comments or drive by in enough time to shout their dissent while driving on.

There was one man who came up to the table after the ball game in which we clearly recognized his intoxication after the team lost. He asked one of the vigil members why we refuse to serve our country. I can tell you that many of the vigil members are political scholars if not well informed and educated activists on world affairs. When they answered him he did not hear nor was he listening. When he was asked why, if he supports the war in Iraq, was he was not in Iraq instead of the ball game, he was given to profanity and carted off by his friends to which the members understood that this is the voice of the community uncensored.

Camp Casey Detroit continues to hold the outpost vigil that enlightens the community on political events and is creating the long lost dialogue of the community, good, bad and indifferent. If you listen carefully, you can hear the winds of change.

In solidarity,

Andrea Hackett


At 6:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:04 PM, Blogger Camp Casey Detroit Blog said...

Just to explain why the previous comment was deleted, we here at Camp Casey Detroit are a community of individuals who hold many different opinions, but there is one thing about which we agree--we do not believe war is the answer to ANY conflict. That includes a war of words, especially one that degenerates into mean-spiritedness and hostility. Any such comment will be deleted. Dissent and dialogue are great, just let respect for others guide your comments here please.


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