Camp Casey Detroit

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Defacing The Police Officer's City

The Labor Day Parade was an event charged with an assertion that the working class citizens have the power to control big corporate concessions and unfair labor practices when they unite. But they must begin to act on one accord, for one purpose, and for one cause to achieve this.

Before the Labor Day Parade, Police officers have driven by Camp Casey, day in and day out without a word. In fact, some have come to the table to tell us that they appreciate what we were doing. I have counted at least 100 patrol cars that have driven past the site as if it were a fixture of freedom of speech and the right to dissent against a form of government that have become destructive to the point that it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and institute new government. (Words taken from "The Declaration of Independence"!

After the parade, a police officer descended on Camp Casey Detroit telling the members to take down the sign draped between two trees (for 2 weeks) and the crosses that represent our fallen soldiers who gave their lives in this illegal, immoral war. "Take it down because it is defacing my city", He snapped.

I have to say that when I heard these words blantantly uttered with his assurance to take them down by the time he comes back, I felt insulted, disgusted and damn angry that this was a right wing political slap that needed a swift left wing response.

It was a insult to Camp Casey Detroit and its tribute to Cindy Sheehan (a mother grieved by her son's death) and our soldiers who have given their lives for this City and this Country. How dare this right wing (black police officer, Yes there are black ones too)dishonor our men and women by referring to the crosses as a defacment to his city. What about my City!

I did not take the crosses down until the officer came back with backup to force us to take the crosses down and the drape between the trees. He was ready to take down Camp Casey Detroit based upon his right wing principles and his dishonor to our troops proved his position on the war. His anger showed his ignorance of the moral issue surrounding sending our children to die in a war that benefits the ruling class fortune 500. He proved to me that certain police officers support brutality and will use the law to their political advantage when they feel that things are moving to the left and gaining momentum in an alarming speed.

As I said, the crosses have been there for 1 1/2 weeks now, but the Labor Day Parade seemed to spark a right wing response that in my opinion defaces the honor we owe our troops and their families who do not agree with the premise of this war.

We had to choose between taking the crosses down or getting arrested and losing Camp Casey Detroit. So, we took them down because of the City Ordinance, but not because we were defacing the Police Officer's City.

In Solidarity,

Andrea H.


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