Camp Casey Detroit

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

From Bob of Veterans For Peace

Right after Camp Casey - Detroit was set up, I received a call from fellow Veterans For Peace (VFP) member Jim Grimm asking me if some of our VFP Chapter's Arlington Midwest display (one cross, Star of David, or other appropriate symbol for every soldier killed in Iraq) could be taken to downtown Detroit. Feeling this was very important to do, I grabbed 56 of the crosses (one for every Michigan soldier killed in Iraq) and headed for Grand Circus Park.

Arriving at Camp Casey, it was so nice to be together with dedicated people that were working for change. At this same time, other things were on my mind.

For one, I was really, really wishing that I had no crosses to bring over. I was wishing that these 56 people from Michigan were all home, with their families and friends enjoying a summer day.

Another thing that bothered me was looking up around Grand Circus Park and seeing the decaying state of many of the buildings. Detroit is still a shell of what it used to be, but instead of money being spent to revitalize urban areas (though mass transit systems, redevelopment aide, human services, etc.), funds were being spent on this awful, unneeded war in Iraq.

My big hope, however, is that people will really start to see that what the reality of war is, that it is the names and faces behind those 56 crosses and when the sabre-rattling starts on some new conflict in the coming years, people will say "no more."

Bob Krzewinski
Veterans For Peace - Chapter 93
Ypsilanti, MI


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