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Monday, September 12, 2005

googling Camp Casey Detroit

As of 2:45 AM this Monday morning, I found 694 links when I googled Camp Casey Detroit. I've been checking some of them out and was especially touched by the following entry on a blog called Daily Kos: Political Analysis and Other Rants on the State of the Nation. It was a comment posted in response to a diary entry by Cindy Sheehan.

Detroit (none / 1)

On the way to the game last night, wouldn't you know that there is a Camp Casey station set up at Grand Circus Park? I couldn't believe it, and it was wonderful to see it there, staffed by supporters of the cause(s) who had BEEN to Camp Casey in Crawford. I gave them money, of course, and Cindy, Goddess bless you and everyone in this epic and historic effort. I always, always think of Martin Luther King Jr.'s words: "Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice" (source: wikipedia; from the speech "Where Do We Go from Here?" Aug. 16, 1967). Lest we overlook it, the onset of your own action to initiate these verbalized questions occurred in the same month, 38 years later, that Dr. King spoke out, also in the form of a question.

Don't be afraid to use the big words: Justice, Truth, Love, Democracy, People ... but you're doing just FINE with the words! I heard you on the radio last night during an interview on an Air America affiliate station--a perfect cap at the end of the night to the Detroit-based Camp Casey I saw before the game.

The person at Camp Casey Detroit invited me to come back and just sit and chat, which in and of itself astonished, floored me for its kindness and simplicity, and because I sensed a recuperative power of cultural communication that intrinsically recognizes the value of conversation (I would have been less surprised if I'd been asked for a manual task, for example). That refreshing invitational gesture ranks right up there for me in the Socratic tradition and quest--i.e., that it is in human/e relationship that we find one of the most essential building blocks of a genuine, functioning, healthy and moral democracy.

You know where you are going from here. We know where you are going from here. Let's hope many in the country design a viable direction for all for the future. We'll watch for the buses on their way East! ;)

Many, many prayers.

Sicut erat amor in principio, et nunc, et semper et in saecula, saeculorum

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