Camp Casey Detroit

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I saw a heartwarming site an hour or so ago over at CampCasey. I live 2.5 blocks away, and though I couldn't stay the night, dropped by in my neighbor's vehicle to see if anyone there needed anything. Instead of the usual 1-3 people staying overnight, there were 8 people, and I think all (excepting maybe one) would stay over.
The camp is growing, but hopefully will soon no longer be needed. I close my eyes and see in my mind's eye a world where even the most stonehearted politico cries from the misery on the Gulf Coast, and realizes our resources are being ill-spent. Immediately there is a gradual turning over of power in Iraq to the Iraqi people (where only they get the profits from the oil under THEIR sand), and we rebuild the US so no state, county or city looks like a third world country! But then I open my eyes and see part of Bushman's response to the recent devestation in the South is his sending of 7,000 more troops ... to Iraq!

Just a thought. UNESCO has built a proposal that it has put forth to every member nation of the UN. It would take 15 years to execute, but would provide for potable drinking water for every person on the planet, and be the single largest public works project ever. The cost? 10 billion dollars. What does it take, 15 or so days for our gov to blow that in Iraq?
If we really wanted to be the strongest nation of Planet Earth, we would build this project!!!!!! Here we could help every single citizen held to the thin, onion-skin-fragile surface of our globe, and not only would we then have more respect and cooperation, we would set a precedent continued by all other nations. But then again, I open my eyes....

Hey Hey, Ho Ho! Resident Bush has got to go!

--Posted by Paul R Pearson


At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Charles Brown said...

Our peace demonstration right in the middle of the Labor Day parade was another success for Camp Casey Detroit. The struggle continues; victory is certain.


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