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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Important Message from David Sole

Bus From Crawford, Texas Coming To Detroit!

#1- pot luck dinner at Camp Casey-Detroit Friday, 6PM until bus from Crawford arrives.
#2- rally with Crawford military families, Saturday, Sept 10 at 3 PM- Woodward & Adams.
#3- rally for Justice for victims of Katrina and Bush - Monday, Sept 12, 4:30 PM at the McNamara Federal Building (Michigan Ave. at Cass Ave.).

1. One of the buses with military families who have lost sons and daughters in Iraq and who were with Cindy Sheehan in Crawford throughout August will arrive in Detroit Friday night, Sept. 9. They are part of a tour by 3 buses to different cities speaking out against the war.

The bus is scheduled to come to Camp Casey-Detroit somewhere after 9 PM. Camp Casey-Detroit will be holding a pot-luck dinner starting at 6 PM. Everyone is welcome. Bring a dish, your appetite along with a lawn chair while we dine and await the arrival of our guests. Camp Casey-Detroit (today was Day 16) is on the southwest corner of Woodward and Adams Street in downtown Detroit (diagonally across from Central United Methodist Church).

If you wish to stay overnight at Camp Casey-Detroit, bring a sleeping bag, blanket, etc. and maybe a folding chaise lounge. NO TENTS ALLOWED BY POLICE ORDER.

2. An Ad Hoc Coalition for the Cindy Sheehan Tour (Cindy won't be here in Detroit, though) which includes all major Detroit area anti-war groups is holding a mass rally at 3 PM on Saturday, Sept. 10 at Grand Circus Park (west side of Woodward at Adams St) if the weather is good. Otherwise we will be inside the Central United Methodist Church across the street.

Bring your family, neighbors and friends. Let's give a great welcome to these heroic families, who despite their loss, are speaking loudly against the criminal war in Iraq.

3. Demonstrate as part of a national day of outrage. Solidarity with the victims of Katrina. Protest Bush's policies that further victimizes based on race and class. McNamara Federal Building at 4:30. Called by the Million Worker March and other groups. -- David Sole (313-680-5508)


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