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Sunday, September 04, 2005

More on Day 13 at Camp Casey Detroit

More on Day 13 at Camp Casey Detroit

By Abayomi Azikiwe

Below is the text of the press release sent out yesterday by Camp Casey Detroit on the current situation in New Orleans and the Gulf region. There was a great rally last night at the Camp's new location. We were asked to move by the Assistant Chief of Police on Friday morning because there was a tailgate party for the HBCU game today at Ford Field.

Members of the Camp like the new location better. There is more visibility and a larger space to operate from. People on the street in downtown Detroit were fighting mad about the humanitarian disaster in New Orleans and the Gulf states. This action on Friday provided an outlet for people to express their outrage at the failure of the federal government to act effectively in resolving this crisis.

Local officials in New Orleans are saying that 10,000 are feared dead. On Saturday's "Fighting For Justice" program on AM 1200 our guest, who was in New Orleans providing a first hand account of the ongoing crisis, briefed us on the current situation. Apparently relief work is operating at a snail's pace. According to our guest Malik, "you can drive by and see the water stacked up at the fire station but it is not being passed out to the people."

There is a dusk to dawn curfew in the city and the authorities are enforcing a shoot-to-kill order from Governor Kathleen Blanco.

For Immediate Release

Friday, September 2, 2005
Press Statement

Event: Camp Casey Detroit Condemns Lack of Relief in the Gulf
Gather Friday at 5:00 p.m., Woodward at Adams
Contact: Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice
Tel. (313) 680-5508

Lack of Planning and Massive War Spending Creates
Humanitarian Disaster in New Orleans, Gulf States

There is an enormous humanitarian disaster in the city of New
Orleans where thousands of refugees are suffering immensely
from the almost total absence of relief from the federal
government. While people die from the lack of health care,
water, food and the spread of infectious diseases, the Bush
administration has demonstrated its total inability to
respond to a crisis.

In fact for several years scientists have warned that there
was a pressing need for investment in New Orleans and in the
Gulf region to prevent such a disaster when a hurricane would
strike. Yet the Bush administration, with Congressional
approval, made massive cuts to such projects last year in
order to take billions of taxpayer dollars to finance the
occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Other enormous tax cuts
were given to the rich over the last four years while urban
areas in the United States have become virtually uninhabitable.

The response to this crisis in New Orleans has been
draconian. Governor Kathleen Blanco has ordered police to
halt disaster relief and to patrol the streets with "shoot-to-
kill-orders" directed at poor and destitute people who are
seeking water, food, clothing and assistance for the sick and
dying. Local authorities in New Orleans are predicting
thousands of deaths as a result of the neglect from the
Federal Emergency Manangement Agency (FEMA). Bush in
response to offers of international assistance stated
Thursday on ABC News that America was capable of handling the
crisis. However, the people in the streets of New Orleans,
who are largely African-American, are calling for immediate

This crisis illustrates the dramatic decline of American
infrastructure and organizaitonal capacity. The myth of the
United States as a technologically advanced nation capable of
solving societal problems is evaporating. This is why Camp
Casey Detroit has raised the slogan: "Money for Our Cities,
Not for War."

We are calling on people in the Detroit area to join us
tonight after 5:00 p.m. at Camp Casey Detroit, located at
Woodward and Adams downtown, for a gathering to reaffirm
our commitment to end the war in Iraq and to bring the troops
home now. Please come out and bring food, water and other
forms of support to the people who have sustained the Camp
for 12 days.

In addition, we are still mobilizing people for the historic
September 24 demonstration in Washington, D.C. For more
information contact MECAWI which has buses going to the march
outside the White House.


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