Camp Casey Detroit

Friday, September 23, 2005



Lila Lipscomb, whose son Mike was the first soldier from Michigan to be killed in Iraq, and who was featured in the movie Fahrenheit 9/11, opens a rally of family members of other soldiers killed there, as her granddaughter Destiny and the Rev. Edwin Rowe listen on-stage. The families are on a national tour originating at Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas, and spoke at Detroit’s own Camp Casey Sept. 10.

“It’s ironic to me that so many of our soldiers have been forced to tear up someone else’s homes in Iraq instead of rebuilding homes for people displaced from Hurricane Katrina,” said Lipscomb. She said she would be testifying in Washington, D.C. at an upcoming hearing into the Downing Street memos, which allegedly show that President George Bush knew there were no “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq.

“How much more proof do we need?” asked Lipscomb. “Is my son’s blood not enough? He was number 54; now there have been nearly 1,900 U. S. soldiers killed in Iraq.”

Numerous events featuring the family members were held in Detroit over the week-end, including a welcoming event at Central United Methodist Church Sept. 9, the five-hour rally Sept. 10, and church events scheduled in Detroit and Ferndale Sept. 11.

Organizers of the event also called for Detroiters to participate in a national anti-war march on Washington, scheduled for Sept. 24. Buses will leave from Detroit, with information available by calling 313-680-5508.
Photo by Diane Bukowski


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