Camp Casey Detroit

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

New Orleanian addresses Camp Casey Detroit

September 5, 2005,
Social change activist Marty Rowland of New Orleans left New Orleans about 16 hours ahead of Katrina and came to Detroit to be with familiy. He remains in contact with other activists doing work with Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, but now based out of Bato Rouge and soon Covington, Louisiana. Speaking as a member of C3-concern, community, compassion, the New Orleans-based social change group, Marty situated the struggle against the US wars of aggression with the challenge to restore social order then rebuild New Orleans. The political dust has yet to settle, but it is abundantly clear that Bush, like Kanye West says, doesn't care about black people. Whatever shortcomings are found about State and local leaders, there cannot be any excuse for the incompetent FEMA director Brown.

The anti-war movement must link the war and Katrina for a winning strategy.

In fact, New Orleans and Detroit should be now be linked as sister cities so as to provide labor for the retooling of Detroit away from autos toward national infrastructure projects.


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