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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sunday September 4th-Camp Casey Flooded by Angel-Headed Hipsters

Camp Casey is different because it is a place where folks of all stripes converge to voice their anger, rage, fear, disgust and hope. So many new faces, so much good energy, even Detroit's Fire Chief stopped by for a friendly, supportive chat. We have good times, us campers, getting to know one another, getting to know why we're here, and listening, without judgment, because we are so grateful to be in a place where others share our sentiments. By virtue of sports logic, the jury is in and George, Teflon II, Bush had struck out on at least three accounts in this year alone. For the worldly, Iraq is a catastrophe (strike one). By the administration's own admission, the New Orleans rescue was a shocking display of Federal ineptitude (strike two), and even for the most selfish, myopic xenophobes who couldn't give a flying banana about the world outside of the confines of their SUV saturated gated communities, gas prices alone should indict g.w. and posse as war criminals par excellence. What other recourse have we but to take to the streets, I ask you?

Lately, I have been having fun putting the "camp" in Camp Casey. My green bandana alerts others to my clear intent for a serious late summer camping adventure. Take this Sunday evening, at 5:00. I rolled up on my Green Schwinn complete with a backpack the size of an apache helicopter, ready for a night in Detroit's urban prairie. Armed with paint, T-shirts and my trusty Hoehner harmonica, fellow campers and I made "Camp Casey" camp counselor T-Shirts, cranked out a ballad about our bravery, made signs and chewed the fat until the wee hours of the morning. At the evenings zenith around midnight we were 25 strong. The 7 or so remaining brave souls awoke to Anne taunting my roommate over her preference for mustard sandwiches in the morning. It was a glorious night, the weather was fine and we were all looking forward to the Labor Day march at 10PM.

Keep on Detroit. Creative organizing is the only thing that will keep our movement alive!! Organize without borders! More camping projects to be announced. Dilute Dilute ok!! J.-Faithfully yours,

Rosie, (arts and crafts instructor), Camp Casey Detroit.


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