Camp Casey Detroit

Monday, September 12, 2005

the true cost of war

I just wanted to note that one of the women mentioned in the previous post received a phone call on her cell from her son in Baghdad moments before she went and stood with the other military families in the front. When she spoke, she told us that her son's message from moment's ago was that we should "... go to DC on the 24th!" Our active duty troops are anti-war. They need our support, and the more they see a mass movement in this country and understand that we will protect and defend them, the more they will be able to resist.



At 12:29 PM, Blogger Cookie said...


My name is Debbie and I am the mom you spoke about in this post. My son Paul is the soldier who encouraged everyone to go to Washington. I told Paul about the day I spent at Camp Casey Detroit. He wishes he could be with all of us in Washington but since he can not he has offered to pay the $75. fare so that someone can go in his place.
Please have someone contact me so I can make this happen for him. Thanks also for all your efforts to enlighten people about our cause.
Best wishes to everyone.
Deb Brown


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