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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sept 24/DC antiwar photo/journal

Dear friends

I was fortunate to be among the 300,000 (at least) persons in Washington, DC for the mammoth "End the War On Iraq" rally and march on September 24, and have put up an online photo/journal of my experiences there. The URL is

I know a good number of you were there too. Wasn't it amazing?!!

By the way, if you have dial-up internet, it will take a goodly while to download all the photos, but there's plenty of text to read while you're waiting.

Hard as it may be to believe if you get your news from mainstream sources, we Americans who see that Bush's war is a disaster are FINALLY in the majority. And we say BRING OUR TROOPS HOME NOW!

in peace
Patricia Lay-Dorsey


At 11:48 AM, Blogger Camp Casey Detroit Blog said...

Great , Patricia !

Charles Brown

At 2:06 AM, Blogger Keith & Tanja said...

Thank You for forgeting the absolute real reason for the WAR ON TERRORISM! Have you all forgotten what happened on 9-11. Or is it your self serving attitudes that fuel your fires. I am a Detroit born and breed native and an American. I am also a SSG in the United States Army. You have taken what I do for my country and turned it into your own private sounding board. I have served with some of the finest soldiers in the military and have never heard one of them gripe about being over there once. Yet you all sit there warm and cozy and have the arrogence to talk for us. Stop it we are all volunteers and have sworn to protect you from JIHAD. This is a war against our country. They have sworn to kill all Americans no matter the cost to themselves.

I have lost friends during this war some of them might have been your loved ones. they died heroicly and honorably. Sitting there in the states and protesting against the war because you have lost a loved one such as Ms. Sheehan has just destroys everything that soldier stood for and believed in. You are killing the moral of thousands of soldiers serving right now knowng that thier families secretly are disguted with what they are doing. They can't even say it to thier faces until they die. It will not bring them back! Let us do our job and defend the greatest nation in the world. Because if we do not 9-11 will repeat at a much larger scale.

SSG(P) Piotrowski


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